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CMD - Precision Manufacturing Group develops solutions for our customers enabling them to bring parts to market on time, within cost budgets and with the quality needed to sustain their competitive edge.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) - CMD - Precision Manufacturing Group's team of engineers are readily available to work with your team to provide best-in-class component design support.

  • We begin this process by understanding your product requirements and how this information translates into appropriate part design changes. Subtle alterations can make the difference between machining success and a project that takes months to 'develop.'
  • Speed to market is always key ... but be wary of those manufacturers that do not ask for or suggest changes in the design.
  • Higher quality input leads to a higher quality outcome - teamwork is a crucial component of effective DFM.
  • In nearly every project, companies focus on component prototype delivery lead times as the pacing item. The truth of the matter is better DFM in the beginning of a project leads to a shorter overall project timeline.
  • The key to successful project execution and cost containment/ minimization is the early involvement of the CMD - Precision Manufacturing Group's team (e.g.; prognostic design consideration and development leads to the creation of robust processes).
  • Our engineering software systems include multiple CAD/CAM platforms and tool path optimization software systems.

Prototype development through production manufacturing - Additive manufacturing through machined prototypes, we support our customers development needs and translate the lessons learned into the production phase of each program. We utilize the same resources, tooling and equipment for both prototype efforts as well as the go-forward production manufacturing.

The CMD - Precision Manufacturing Group approaches each project as a team - recognizing the strength of the program manager and the project team determines the success of the project.  Working together, our engineering professionals combine their experience to ensure your satisfaction.